Prenatal Massage

Prenatal Massage


Prenatal massage is one of the more popular types of massage for obvious reasons. When you are pregnant, you are uncomfortable. It is a fact. You are growing another human inside of you. For this to happen all sorts of things are shifting in your body. Add to that the additional weight pulling your body forward and you have a recipe for back pain. If you have made it through pregnancy without back pain, consider yourself extremely lucky.

This is why prenatal massage is so popular. The relief that a massage can give to an expecting mother is exceptional. Not to mention that dozens of studies have been done to show health benefits to your baby and to you through minimizing stress during your pregnancy.

How often should I get a massage during my pregnancy?

Getting consistent massage throughout your pregnancy has been proven to help reduce the amount of pain and stress on the body. This also prepares your body for the labor and delivery, which studies say helps the duration of your labor.

Weeks 8 – 28 If you are having a normal pregnancy with no major complications you will want to come see us once a month. Of course if you have a lot of pain or muscle tension you can always come in more often. Your therapist will work closely with you to figure out what would be best for your specific needs.

Weeks 29 – 36 Because the baby is growing and adding more pressure on your body you will want to come in every 2 weeks to relieve that added tension.

Weeks 37 – Labor you will want to come in weekly. This will help your body relax and get ready for the labor and delivery of your baby.

During Labor – We have therapists who have been trained on how to best help you relax during your labor. It is up to you to decide at what point you would like us to come and massage you. Ask your therapist for more details.

Postpartum – As long as you didn’t have any complications with your labor and delivery you can come in for a massage as soon as you are released from the hospital. If you have had a C-section or other various complications you will need a doctor’s release before coming in. Our therapists have had extensive training to work on the abdominals and scar tissue from C-section.


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Deven Davenport
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Savannah Ray
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