Deep Tissue Massage

Deep Tissue Massage

Some people love deep tissue massage while others prefer other types of massage. Deep tissue massage involves heavier pressure to loosen the muscles. It targets deeper layers of the muscle and fascia to help correct muscle imbalances

People respond differently to different types of massage. Some people are able to deeply relax when they get a deep tissue massage while others may tense up even more than before. Our therapists are great at adjusting pressure to your liking. If you want a good deep tissue massage we can provide that.

Different Pressure Options for Deep Tissue Massage

Many of our clients wonder if there are options for different pressures when it comes to deep tissue massage. The answer quite simply is yes. You can dictate how hard or soft the pressure is with your massage therapist.

Deep tissue does not necessarily mean that the pressure is extremely hard, or that it will start out hard. We fully understand that different clients have different pressure tolerances and needs. Our therapists can provide massages with varyings pressures and will often start out lighter and move to heavier pressure as your muscles start to relax.

Here are some things you can expect when you get a deep tissue massage from Calming Touch Massage:


Our therapists are extremely attentive to how clients are feeling. They make sure that the pressure is right for you to get the best results possible. They make sure to let you know what they are doing and ask for feedback throughout your massage.


Our overall goal is to make our clients feel better! We offer a relaxing environment including music, a comfortable massage table, comfortable temperatures and a nice ambiance.


Our therapists are likely some of the most experienced massage therapists you will ever get a massage from. They have additional training to provide advanced massage services. This means that they can help you with almost any issue you might have.



Deven Davenport
Deven Davenport
Savannah Ray
Savannah Ray
The best! Kayla was amazing, it was the perfect mix of relaxing and therapeutic.
Friendly and really effective