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To some people injury massage may seem counter intuitive. This is because a natural reaction when something hurts is to tell people not to touch it. It is true that there are some injuries that are better left untouched, but the fact of the matter is that injury massage plays a vital role in speeding recovery for many injuries.

Injury massage takes a lot of variables into account. The massage therapist needs to take into account how the injury occurred and what part of the body was injured. This can give insight into which muscles have been injured or strained, and the massage therapist can begin the massage to help the patient start feeling better. Injury massage is beneficial primarily when the injury occurs to a muscle or a joint.


Types of Injuries That Injury Massage Can Help

Whether you are dealing with a broken bone, a sprain or muscle spasms, injury massage can help you recover faster. We all know that a massage can be relaxing, but did you know that there are certain aspects of a massage that can also help your body recover? Here are the ways that massage can help:

Breaking Down Adhesions

Adhesions (more commonly known as knots) are areas in your muscle that have become chronically contracted. We have the awesome ability to control the contraction of our muscles or at least that is usually the case. In some situations, your muscles can become involuntarily contracted, and if left untreated, it can remain in the contracted state. When a muscle is injured, the body triggers the other muscle fibers around the injury to contract. The purpose of this is to help the injury avoid further damage. Unfortunately, this tightness does not always go away on its own. This is where a sports injury massage can help the healing process.

Increasing Blood Flow to the Muscles

Your blood carries vital nutrients throughout your body. As muscles get tight, the blood flow is restricted. This also means that that the nutrients carried to the tight or injured muscles are decreased. This is the opposite of what you want to happen with an injury. As a massage therapist rubs your muscles, it triggers those muscles to loosen and draw blood to the area. This increases the vital nutrients that are being transported to the muscle which helps with the healing process.

Our therapists here at Calming Touch Massage are extremely experienced massage therapist in Lehi, UT. They have additional training to provide injury massage. If you want to know if we can help you with your injury, contact us at (385)287-7455, or book an appointment at the link below.


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